Our Students

Our students are committed to live a sacrificial life for Jesus Christ. They do this by Knowing God deeper, Growing in Christ, and Serving others by the Holy Spirit. 

Living a sacrificial life for Christ may be hard at times but it is always satisfying and fun. This is the culture we aim for as we do activities that challenges their commitment to Christ, promotes deep friendships, and serves our community. 

Bible Study, Connect Together, 

& Singing Praise

Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM

Junior High Students meet in Room 202

Senior High Students meet in Room 203

Wednesday Evening at 6:00-7:30 PM

Junior High and Senior High meet together for Praise and Worship and then spend time in their small groups for continued study and prayer.

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A Guide to Praying the Names of God

God is…

This study guide will help you discover who God is by looking at 9 names God calls himself throughout the Old Testament and 3 passages about how to respond to God. These names are meant to help you understand the character and love of God so you will seek after Him and go to Him no matter what.


You can download the study Guide Here


Used with Permission by: navlink.org/names-of-God

Navigator Discipleship Tool

Stay in the Loop

The Life Student Ministries Facebook page is a private page. It is reserved for the people we know. But those involved with our youth and in our church may follow the page for real time information and pictures of current events. Thank you for helping us protect our kids.

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Youth Pastor Dan Hyde maintains a youtube channel where online lessons can be viewed.

Dan Hyde on Youtube

You may also contact Pastor Dan with your questions: