Camp Scholarship Program

Bible Baptist Church encourages our young people to go to Lake Ann Camp by providing a scholarship program.

Program Summary

Campers earn their scholarships in two basic categories: Christian disciplines and Christan service.

Disciplines include Bible reading & prayer, church attendence and scripture memory

Service includes any ministry within the church, like helping in KidzTown, 

or outside the church, like helping a neighbor with yardwork.

All activities are assigned point values. 

Campers are asked to pay $125 when they register. 

If they register by September there is significant savings. Please use our church code when registering. (It will be posted when valid.)

The total cost of camp is between $400-$500 depending on the program. Campers may earn up to the balance of their camp cost. 

If you have questions or if you want to be added to the contact list for camp scholarship, contact Tami Wasson. or 989-329-9764 (text welcome)