Church Ministry Opportunities

"But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers..." James 1:22

We have many opportunities for ministry within our church, if you are interested in any of these please contact the person listed or use our contact page and our secretaries will pass on your information to the right person. 

Thank you.

  • Music Ministry

    Music ministry involves everything it takes to have our praise band functioning. Musicians are a critical part of this. But there is also a need for people who can run the sound booth including video and audio recordings. Please contact Pastor Joel or Wendy Dodd if you are interested.

  • Nursery Ministry

    We have two nurseries: one for babies, one for toddlers. Usual commitment is once a month. This ministry requires an application and background check. Contact Laura Guerin if you are interested.

  • KidzTown Children's Ministry

    KidzTown runs on Sunday mornings. There are many opportunities both first and second hour. Of course, there is a need for teachers, but also for sound booth technicians, stage designers, song leaders, drama players and snack providers. This is a once a month commitment for most positions. This minsitry requries an application and background check. Please contact Hannah Frasier or Cheryl Johnson for more information.

  • AWANA Children's Ministry

    AWANA is a program for kids that emphasizes scripture memorization. Kids recieve rewards for learning their verses. The program also includes a Bible lesson and game time. This ministry requries an application and background check. AWANA runs from September through April. Please contact Kim Robertson for more information.

  • Youth Ministry

    As a youth sponsor, you might lead a small group, prepare snacks, drive a van for a photo scavenger hunt, accompany the youth group to a concert, play frisbee golf, tube down a river. It could be anything. This ministry requires an application and background check. Please contact Pastor Dan for more information.

  • Adult Teaching Ministry

    We have multiple Adult Bible Fellowships on Sunday mornings. So, teachers are needed. Even if you just feel burdened to share a particular study because it was helpful to you, there may be room for one more class. Even if you think there isn't a need, it is good to let us know that you would be willing to fill in for a Sunday or even a month of Sundays, if needed. Please let Pastor Joel know if this falls in your skill set.

  • Christian Service Committee

    Christian Service Committee is a little different because the ladies are actually nominated and approved on the fall ballot. However, they do many projects, such as the Easter breakfast and the Thanksgiving dinner that need many hands beyond those on the committee. If you would like to help with these things or other behind the scenes work, please contact Cathy Beemer.

  • Building Maintenance

    This is not a formal ministry group, but if you have skills and time, there are many small projects that can be done throughout the church building. Contact Pastor Joel or the deacon in charge of inside maintenance, Duane Wyse (for 2020).

  • Grounds Maintenance

    This is not a formal ministry group either, but again if you have skills and time, there is much to do to keep the grounds looking good each summer. Contact Pastor Joel or the deacon in charge of outside maintenance, Terry Martin (for 2020).

  • Micah Men's Ministry

    The M3 ministry is for men who want to serve using their skills to help those in our church and community who need help with home projects and yardwork, especially those who are not able and do not have family living close by, such as the elderly, widows and single moms. If you have skills and the heart for this ministry contact Larry Duvall.

  • Landscape Committe

    Yes. There are those who love to keep the grounds beautiful. This may include trimming the hedges, splitting perennials, weeding flower beds. If you love the fresh air and getting your hands dirty, contact Terry Martin.

  • Coffee Ministry

    This really is the critical ministry that keeps us going on Sunday Mornings. If you love coffee, or just love making people happy, contact Chris Hanna

  • Security Team

    Our security team keeps an eye on people coming and going from the church grounds and building. Their job is to notice the unusual and confront suspicious behavior with a friendly greeting. This ministry requires good observation skills and regular training times. This is a once a month committment. If you are interested please contact Terry Moore.

  • Ushers & Greeters

    Ushers & Greeters welcome people into the church. They pass out bulletins, greet people and facilitate the passing of the offering plate. For more information contact the deacon over the ushers, Mike Winter (2020).

Event Ministries

There are also many opportunities to serve at annual church events.

Easter Breakfast

Vacation Bible School

Church Picnic

Fair Ministry

Family Fun Day

Church Work Days

Watch the bulletin for these events or contact the church office.