Come enjoy a day to connect with God, His Word and other women. We will enjoy praise and worship together,  small group sessions on a variety of topics, and fellowship with other ladies over lunch.


Our morning will start at 9:00am with coffee and treats.


The Women At Risk store will also be on site for your shopping pleasure.


We welcome any ladies, age 14 and up.

Please register so we know you're coming.   

$10 registration fee.

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Conference Schedule

9:00-9:30 am Coffee/Snacks in the Lobby

WAR Boutique open

9:30-10:15 Large Group Praise & Worship


10:30- 11:15 am Session 1 Workshops

11:30- 12:15 am Session 2 Workshops

12:20-1:15 pm Lunch/WAR Boutique open

1:30-2:15 Session 3 Workshops

2:30-3:00 Large Group Praise & Worship


Small Group Session Options

We will have three small group sessions. Each session will have three options.

Trusting God in Chronic Illness

Rebecca Winter & Liv Hargreaves

We know our journey can be long and arduous, but there is hope to cling to and good choices to make in helping us manage our illness. We hope to take a few moments to consider some Biblical perspectives on living with chronic illness and some practical advice in overall care from our personal experience.

God is Still Calling the Least Likely

Susanne Elenbaas

In the late 1980s, when I prayed, “Lord, what do you want me to do now?” Surprise, surprise, He immediately spoke to my heart, “Take the yellow folder out of the drawer.” That was the beginning of part two of my call to discipleship. Three–Legged-Ladder is a story of spiritual growth that reveals the life changing difference between knowing about God and knowing Him intimately. I will talk about the content of this book and the process of obedience that lead to it’s writing and publication.

Walking in Christ

Jenna Hanna

As we are called to Christ for salvation by faith, our sanctification is His work in us by our continuing faith in Him. What is sanctification in simple terms. My prayer is that in beholding Christ’s character in the Word of God, we will find our trustworthy Savior is the provision for our daily walk of obedience to and love for God.

Good Times, Bad Times

Nancy Peters

Lose something? A loved one, relationship, job, dream— or even a pet? As we walk through the dark valleys of loss, hurts, and grief, are we to be strong and just go it alone? Or do we turn to the God of all comfort, healing, and hope.

Be Still and Know

Reneé Stevens

When life is changing faster than you want, it can be very difficult to just “be still”. Truthfully, God does a lot of stirring things up around us, because He is calling us to rest in Him. He is teaching us in these stirring moments. We will talk about how to rest in who God is when life is less than “still”.

The Lord is my Shepherd… but I still want

Tami Wasson

We all know there is great peace in contentment, but how do we find it? How can we take steps toward trusting God so much that we are no longer concerned with having stuff or a certain position or even appreciation. We will revisit Psalm 23 and other scriptures.

A Functioning Family

Jessica Bushey

"Family-- a little bit of crazy,  a little bit of loud, and a whole lot of love." -Unknown

We all have family and sometimes they can get under our skin. But no matter what, they are still family and we choose to love them anyway. Join me as we take a road trip through Ephesians 4 to discover what it means to be a functional family in Christ.

A Road to His Table

Tina Neihardt

Every one of us travels roads in this life. Sometimes the roads are smooth and straight. Other times they're full of potholes, twists, and turns. But one thing is certain, God uses these roads to draw us to Himself and ultimately to His table.

Submission to God's Word

Autumn Kirby

Do you feel stuck or anxiety filled? What are you taking comfort in? Have you wondered when Jesus states in Luke 9, "If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me"-- how do we do this? Come and see how we take comfort in God's Word and how to become submissive to it.