Come enjoy a day to connect with God, His Word and other women. We will enjoy praise and worship together,  small group sessions on a variety of topics, and fellowship with other ladies over lunch.


Our morning will start at 9:00am with coffee and treats.


The Women At Risk store will also be on site for your shopping pleasure.


We welcome any ladies, age 14 and up.

Please register so we know you're coming.     (Link at the bottom of the page.)


Conference Schedule

9:00-9:30 am Coffee/Snacks in the Lobby

WAR Boutique open

9:30-10:00 Large Group Praise & Worship


10:15- 11:00 am Session 1 Workshops

11:15- 12:00 am Session 2 Workshops

12:15-1:00 pm Lunch/WAR Boutique open

1:15-2:00 Session 3 Workshops

2:15-3:00 Large Group Praise & Worship


Small Group Session Options

We will have three small group sessions. Each session will have three options.

Session One Options:

Fully Opening God's Second Greatest Gift: If you struggle with living in the daily reality of God, you are not alone. Satan does all he can to keep us from sitting in the presence of God, and that devil is tricky! If you need help opening God's Word and digging deep, I have some encouragement for you. Yes, we will laugh too, because God has a divine sense of humor.

                                                                                                            Led by Susanne Elenbaas

The Joy of Operation Christmas Child: Have you wondered how to obey Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples of all nations” without becoming a full blown, globetrotting missionary? Each year, Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts touch millions of lives around the world with the love of Jesus Christ. Come witness the spiritual, emotional, and even physical impact these small gifts bring to those who receive them AND to those who pack and send them.

                                                                                                            Led by Glenda Kelsey

Connection or Complacency: Looking through the lens of Gideon’s life, we see the need to stay connected to God, His Word and His people. We will see how Gideon grew in his growth and connection during times of stress and how he became complacent in times of ease. Hopefully, we will come to understand how to avoid Gideon’s mistakes, stay connected and finish well.

                                                                                                            Led by Cherish Tabberer


Session Two Options:

A Song in Your Heart: God puts a song in our hearts no matter our season in life. Whether a season of prayer, praise or pain, He gives us a way of connecting with Him with song. Come join in!

                                                                                                            Led by Tina Neihardt


Humility in Christ: Is there a restlessness about your life? Do you question whether you are doing enough for God? Do you feel burdened in ministry or burned out? Christ has the answer if we are willing to come to Him, if we are willing to learn from Him. We will explore the incredible relationship of obedience, faith and love that Jesus had with His Father. We will look at the relationship Christ has always intended for us to have with Him and how this leads to obedience and joy in Him.

                                                                                                            Led by Jenna Hanna

Connecting with God through Prayer: Throughout scripture God invites us to come to Him and walk in a deeper relationship with Him. Join us as we share Biblical examples of prayer and connecting with God in this intimate way.

                                                                                                            Led by Chris Brown


Session Three Options:

The Lord is My Rock: Ecclesiastes 3:5 says there is a time to throw stones and a time to gather stones. While there will not be any stone throwing, we will see several natural rocks showing a bit of God's amazing creation. We will explore some of the many scriptures about stones and rocks. Also, I will share how my hobby of painting rocks became an encouragement ministry.

                                                                                                            Led by Nancy Peters

Essential Oils in My Spiritual Journey: A happy coincidence in my personal use of essential oils made me aware that they can be used in one’s connecting with God. Come see what the Bible says about oils, fragrance and worship.  (I will not have a diffuser or open oil bottles in the room during the workshop.)

                                                                                                            Led by Dianne McIntyre

Finding Emotional Stability: The truth sets us free. This applies to our emotions, too. We will walk through some Biblical truths that will help you feel your feelings without letting them rule your life.

                                                                                                            Led by Tami Wasson


Please let us know you are coming!

You may register by calling the church at 231-947-0660,

or register online here.