The Church on Mission

The Spirit who Empowers; The God who sends

God is telling the greatest story of all time. A story from the beginning telling us who He is, how He is saving the world, and how he is making everything new. His story is more powerful than we can ever imagine because it impacts our story and makes us new. 

Jesus finished His mission but our Mission has just began. Acts tells us how God empowers and fills His followers with His Promised Spirit! Finially we can experience real change but we discover there are still struggles but God is not done yet. The Story continues. Join us as we look at the book of Acts. 

  • Sundays @ 11 AM

Many Parts; One Body

You're Gifted for a Purpose

You are Gifted. 

When you became a follower of Jesus, God gave you His Spirit. 

The Spirit gives you gifts to use to live out God's purpose for you life!

These gifts you can either use or waste.

By discovering how the Holy Spirit gifted you and begin using those gifts to do what God created you to do you will live an extraordinary life for Christ that will have eternal impact.

Wednesdays @ 6 PM