Jesus Saves

The Savior; The Risen King

God is telling the greatest story of all time. A story from the beginning telling us who He is, how He is saving the world, and how he is making everything new. His story is more powerful than we can ever imagine because it impacts our story and makes us new. 

Jesus' time has come for Him to be crucified. The religious leaders that were once divided over doctrine have joined together to kill Jesus. We will see how the death of Jesus is not the end of Jesus but the end of death. He defeats our greatest enemies for us by dying then he rises again three days later. Jesus' mission was not hindered by death but overcame death. Join us as we are invited to continue the Mission of Jesus! 

  • Sundays @ 11 AM

gods at war

The Battle for your heat that will define your life

Idolatry is not an issue but it is THE issue. 

The root to any problem, any sin, is because you are not worshiping the True and Living God. 

Join us as we look at the battle between God and the idols we set up.

There is a battle among the gods over your heart. 

This series will prepare students to fight the idols that battle for their hearts by worshiping the God who created them and is in pursuit of Saving them.


A Jealous God

The Battleground: Your Heart

Choose Your God

This series is based on the book "gods at war" by Kyle Idlleman