Cheryl Steele Tinsley Shares Her Story

Sunday, November 5th, 6:00 pm

Bible Baptist Church

1915 Cass Road Traverse City

Come hear her story...

In July of 1980 four Lake Ann Camp summer staffers set out on an exploratory trip to Drummond Island. On July 3, the four of them were caught in a deadly “freak storm” on Lake Huron that meteorologists say only appear once every ten to twelve years. After a harrowing night, Cheryl Steele Tinsley was the only survivor.

Her story is filled with gripping details about how our lives are changed when we are faced with our mortality—how God speaks to us when we encounter the reality of death.

Cheryl has finally put pen to paper. With honesty,  authenticity, and a keen sense of humor about life’s many twists and turns, Tinsley recounts the story of that night and the incredible ways God acted in the lives of everyday people during and after the storm. She shows readers that even in the very heart of our storms, God is with us and loves us profoundly.

Wave by Wave

What Ken Rudolf has to say...

I have been a featured speaker at Lake Ann Camp for the Senior High Program for 35 summers. During the 20th summer of my experience at Lake Ann Camp, a former counselor, Cheryl Tinsley came to visit. After my wife and I heard the story of her experience of being a counselor at Lake Ann and her story of survival on Lake Huron, we knew she had to share it with the senior high students. For the last fifteen years Cheryl has come back to Lake Ann to share her story. The campers listen to her amazing story in complete attention and identify with Cheryl in a special way. God is with Cheryl as she shares her story and we believe He has helped her tell it in this book. May the Lord use it in your life to find Him as a Good God, a Faithful God, a Deliverer, and a Miracle Worker!

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Men, women and teens are welcome!

This event is free. There will not be any childcare available.