Prophets & Kings

God is telling the greatest story of all time. A story from the beginning telling us who He is, how He is saving the world, and how he is making everything new. His story is more powerful than we can ever imagine because it impacts our story and makes us new. 

Students will be looking at the down fall of the nation Israel. Idols, greed, and corruption plagued Israel's kings and divided the nation's heart from each other and God.  Yet God displays His commitment to them by promising a King and Kingdom that would last forever and unite their divided hearts.  Join us for this chronological Bible study. 

  • Sundays @ 11 AM

Guy Talk/ Girl Talk

May 3rd - May 31st

How do you see yourself? Is it by your accomplishments, your failures, or through the eyes of another person you look up to? How we see ourselves will determine much of what we do or don't do in life. We tend to define ourselves by what we see. But what does God see when he sees you? 

This study will be looking at who God made us and saved us to be and how viewing ourselves from God's eyes will impact our lives dramatically. 

This 4 week series will be divided into gender specific and age appropriate small groups as follows: 

Middle School Boys - Living as a Young Man of God

Middle School Girls - Living as a Young Woman of God

High School Boys - Guy Talk

High School Girls - True Beauty

Wednesdays Nights: 6:00-7:30 pm

Worship, Connect, and Life Change

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