Exile & Return

Daniel, Ester, Nehemiah, & Ezra. 

God is telling the greatest story of all time. A story from the beginning telling us who He is, how He is saving the world, and how he is making everything new. His story is more powerful than we can ever imagine because it impacts our story and makes us new. 

Israel is in ruins. God's temple, God's city, and God's people are almost completely wiped off the map. All hope seems gone but even when we have hit rock bottom God gives us a promise of restoration. He does not leave His people, His city, or His temple in ruins. Students will discover the same is true for them. They may feel God has left them alone, yet God is always there to take us back as we turn to Him. He is ready to forgive, ready to heal, and ready to restore you! 

  • Sundays @ 11 AM


Gaining through Giving Up

Exchange is giving something up for something else. Usually people exchange something of equal or greater value. No one takes something worse and gives something better up, right? 

This study will look at the exchange Jesus made with us. He exchanged Heaven for earth, glory for turmoil, and worship for ridicule. Because of His exchange with us we can live an exchanged life.

The Exchange Life involves giving up

Self for Christ

Hate for Love

Comfort for Calling

Series Begins November 29!