The Rescue Begins

God with Us; God is among Us

God is telling the greatest story of all time. A story from the beginning telling us who He is, how He is saving the world, and how he is making everything new. His story is more powerful than we can ever imagine because it impacts our story and makes us new. 

Israel is left waiting and waiting for Messiah to come. However, in their waiting they have grown accustomed to their enslavement, comfortable to their mediocrity, and forgot the promises of God. It is in this environment that God sent His Son, His Chosen One, His Savior into the world. We discover that God enters into our trouble to rescue us out of it. God is with us. God is among us. Let the Rescue begin! 

  • Sundays @ 11 AM

By Every Word

4 Ways the Bible Impacts Us

Jesus said, "Man will not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God." (Matt. 4:4)

However less than 25% of Christians claim to regularly read the Bible. The root cause of this is because we are blind. We don't see God for who He is. If we truly saw God's greatness clearly we would be drawn to Him by reading His Word. We would run to it! 

This series will motivate students to read God's Word by looking at what it does: 

Every Word is True

Every Word Hurts

Every Word give Life

Every Word Speaks

Join us this New Years (Jan. 3rd.) and dig into God's Word because

Man will live by every Word of God!